The Omega De Ville Golden Anniversary Celebrated With Three New Swiss Replica Watches

The De Ville Omega line hit retail shelves 50 years ago, in 1967 – the same year the world's first heart transplant took place, the Beatles released “Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band,” and Thurgood Marshall was confirmed to the Supreme Court as the replica watches first African-American Supreme Court Justice. In fashion, men wore high-boots and women wore jaunty boots and often jauntily tilted cap or blockhouse hat with them. And both genders could have sported a popular Omega wristwatch for keeping time. Omega is now celebrating this golden anniversary of mechanics and fashion by introducing three new luxury models in elegant gold cases not on the agenda for the Biel-based brand, still today in housings reminiscent of the original fashionable cases of that golden year.

And recalling the heyday of yellow gold as the most luxurious metal of the time, the brand introduces these 39.5mm cases not only in modern white gold and red gold, but also in yellow gold – which docks right into a trend -in-the-making return of yellow gold to Swiss replica watches. Nostalgically designed, the casebacks of this new model are not transparent as they would be today, but rather solid, brushed, and embossed with a likeness of Chronos, the god of time, alongside the words “De Ville” and “50th Anniversary”. The front of these De Ville models is dominated by an enamel dial proudly emblazoned with nostalgic classic black numerals – except for the “12” which is colored red to indicate enamel as a dial material – and a classic railway track for the minutes. The color of the 18K gold hands matches that of the 18K gold case material.

These fake watches, which sport a three-year warranty, are powered by Omega's automatic Co-Axial Caliber 2500. This movement was chosen not only because all mechanical Omega watches are now powered by co-axial movements; this is also a nod to the fact that it was the De Ville that first housed a co-axial omega replica movement in 1999. The red gold version will already be available in boutiques around the world next month, with white gold and yellow gold following later variations. the De Ville Omega line of 1967 was a direct successor to the Seamaster De Ville, which first appeared in 1962.